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Floor Cleaning and Restoration in Greene County, TN

Tennessee Cleaning is your disaster recovery specialist. Our truck carries the latest equipment and our decades of experience allow us to effectively clean and restore your home or building back to original condition.

Water Damage Restoration

Get water removed from your building, fast! From a simple leak to extensive flooding, getting the water out fast is key to minimizing damage and improving repairs. The longer it sits, the more likely it is for mold to grow and materials to rot.
Don't let your water problem become a disaster. Let Tennessee Cleaning dry out your home from flooding and clean up the mess.
Home Restoration - Cleaning in Chuckey, TN

Furniture Cleaning

We use special equipment to prevent damage to your furniture and your fabric. Tennessee Cleaning can clean the kinds of sensitive upholstery materials and fabrics that many other cleaning companies just won't touch.

Fire Damage Restoration

Don't let smoke and heat ruin your home. After a fire, our technicians will ensure your home is still safe, hasn't suffered any catastrophic damage, and will clean and repair it back to how it should be. Say goodbye to the smoky smell, and hello to the home you remember!